The psychotic freakshow rolls on

“I’m not guilty ? Does that include the time I stole a comic book when I was five years old ? I’m not guilty of the charges which have been filed against me.”

  • Ted Bundy, quoted in Conversations with a killer: the Ted Bundy tapes.


“Theresa May has admitted that she used to “run through fields of wheat” with a friend and that the local farmers “weren’t too pleased about that”.”

  • Theresa May admits ‘running through fields of wheat’ is the naughtiest thing she ever did, The Daily Telegraph, 5 June 2017.


Jonathan Demme’s masterpiece The Silence of the Lambs forms part of the answer to perhaps the best pub quiz question ever. Namely: which three films are the only ones to have won the so-called ‘royal flush’ at the Oscars (i.e. Academy Awards for best film; best director; best actor; best actress; best screenplay) ? Which were the other two ? Ah, that would be telling.

The psychotic freakshow rolls on