Risk is poorly defined as volatility. We prefer to define it as the possibility of a permanent loss of capital. To mitigate this risk, we seek to invest into high quality listed businesses, with principled, capable, shareholder-friendly management, whose shares are trading well below a fair assessment of their intrinsic value. We define a high quality firm as one generating its net profit from cash-flow operations as opposed to deriving from accounting gimmickry. Firms carrying excessive amounts of debt on their balance sheet are vulnerable to the ebbs and flows of the business cycle. Therefore we favour firms generating their net profit free of excessive leverage. In order not to overpay for a quality business, we seek firms generating a double digit cash-flow yield.


We believe that no two clients are the same. From our experience, clients are poorly served by pre-existing, volatility-based model portfolios. A client’s willingness and ability to absorb price volatility may well be wholly independent of their age and financial experience. We offer multi-asset discretionary management.


For clients and institutions who would prefer a pure equity vehicle, we manage the VT Price Value Portfolio, a daily trading UCITS fund. The fund invests in Benjamin Graham style value equities on an unconstrained, global basis.

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