The Crony Virus Chronicles

The story so far. How did half the world end up in lockdown ? A plausible timeline is as follows:

  1. Winter 2019 – a new virus emerges in Wuhan, China.
  2. While China dithers, the WHO – a Chinese-sponsored bad actor – exaggerates the fatality risk. See The Price of Panic for more.
  3. China adopts PsyOps to exaggerate the threat of the virus via social media. See China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign.
  4. The emergence of the Chinese virus triggers a tsunami of mainstream media bedwetting. The BBC is notably complicit. Ofcom forbids UK media from varying from the party line, at the risk of media players having their licences withdrawn.
  5. As the virus spreads internationally, Chinese bad actors visit the affected regions and encourage the deployment of regional lockdowns.
  6. Western politicians panic..
The Crony Virus Chronicles