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Two strategies that actually work

First, here’s what doesn’t work. Trying to decode the big macro thesis doesn’t work, at least not for us. Stanley Druckenmiller may be able to, but as football supporters could doubtless tell us, there’s only one Stanley Druckenmiller. Expecting either the financial media in general, or higher profile investment gurus in particular, to help us […]

Watch bonds

John Carpenter’s 1982 classic The Thing is the last great hoorah for pre-CGI special effects in film, courtesy primarily of creature effects maestro Rob Bottin. Everything you see on screen is “real”, in a way that digitised extra-terrestrial gore will never quite manage to be – the same way some folk prefer vinyl over CD. […]

Things that go bust in the night

The great festival of failed finance anniversaries continues. We’ve had the commemoration of the bankruptcies of Lehman Brothers and Long Term Capital Management (20 years in the case of the latter), so it was inevitable that a 10 year remembrance of the near-extinction of RBS would pop up just in time for Halloween.

The truth

‘When did advertising become so banal ?’ asks Dan Hitchens in The Spectator. Perhaps when it became ubiquitous, and when it also became impossible to separate legitimate journalism from emotion-driven virtue signalling. That is to say, before the rise of the smartphone and social media – trends coincident with the torturous death rattle of the […]

Happy anniversary

Since everybody else in financial media has been indulging in an orgy of self-reflection, selective recollection and brazen virtue-signalling on the back of the 10 year anniversary of Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy in September 2008, and in steadfast keeping with our principle of ‘no bandwagon left unridden’, we reproduce below, word for word, our commentary first […]

Everything is awesome

There has been an amazing improvement in human living standards over the past 50 years. The average person on the planet is earning three times as much as they were 50 years ago. They’re living 30 percent longer. They’re burying 2/3rds fewer children – the greatest measure of misery anyone could think of. And on […]

On the wealth, and poverty, of nations

Every year at around this time, something rather magical happens to Edinburgh. The population of the Scottish capital swells by over 4 million people – and in a very good-natured way. Only the Olympic Games and the World Cup sell more tickets – and they only take place once every 4 years. As the comedian […]

Less is more

Having finally gotten around to watching John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place, we can side with the consensus: it’s a modern day classic. It clocks in at just 90 minutes, but there’s not a single idle second. The whole film is pared down to the bone. And it’s a ruthlessly efficient exercise in sustained suspense. The […]