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Everyone has a number

As we wrote on 6th February (‘Bless you !’), Jim Rickards has an intriguing thought experiment that touches on the same ‘cave brain’ behaviour as the new Covid-19 / coronavirus does. Imagine you were in a hotel ballroom with 500 other people..

Get to the chopper !

The director John McTiernan made two of the best action films of the 1980s. Die Hard surely needs little introduction – completists of the film can see its backstory in the series The Movies That Made Us on Netflix. The other is 1987’s Predator, with Arnie in one of his most memorable roles, as Major […]

Try ignorance

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” Attributed variously to Harvard University president Derek Bok, and to columnist ‘Ann Landers’ (Eppie Lederer).     “Sheriff Hank Keough: I.. I.. I never heard of a crocodile crossing an ocean. Hector Cyr: Well, they conceal information like that in books.” From the film Lake Placid, written […]

Bless you !

“..the most famous origin-story involving ‘Ring-a-Ring o’ Roses’ is that the rhyme refers to the Great Plague, specifically the one of the seventeenth century that devastated London in 1665 and prompted the inhabitants of the infected Derbyshire village of Eyam to isolate themselves from the rest of the country, so as to minimise the spread […]

Unclean !

Mary Mallon managed to infect 47 people during the course of her career as a cook. Three of them died of the disease. Between 1900 and 1907, she infected two dozen people with typhoid fever. She worked in Mamaroneck, New York for less than two weeks when residents began to succumb. She moved to Manhattan […]

World On Fire

Nothing quite says ‘Happy new year !’ like the threat of a new, as yet incurable, global, Chinese-born mystery virus. To readers of a certain age this will inevitably prompt memories of the BBC 1970’s eco-thriller Survivors, whose title sequence is a triumph of brevity and intimation over budgetary constraints. (To show the awesome, immersive, […]

Inflation: try to remain calm

“I think it is obvious that we’ve finally reached the limits of monetary policy. Does the ECB taking rates 10 basis points more negative do anything but accelerate the bankruptcy of the Eurozone banking system? Does it increase consumption or capital expenditures? Of course not. If anything, it just starves the system of capital by […]

Monetary Massacre Theory

When it’s not trying to overturn legitimate plebiscites or shoving woke propaganda down the throats of its reluctant viewers, the BBC is still capable of showing half-decent documentaries. This correspondent recently caught the tail end of one such piece, Storyville: Jonestown – Terror in the Jungle. Being nine at the time of the original atrocity, […]