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A change in the weather

Five years ago, we wrote a book about the apparent absurdities and illogicalities then suffusing the financial markets. The book was called Investing Through The Looking Glass and its introduction contained the following text..

Crocodile tears

“After nearly two hours turning over the rubble of his collapsed investment empire, Neil Woodford begins crying. He gets up and briefly walks off camera to compose himself, leaving an empty chair at his West Country home as the star of the video call. “Britain’s most famous fund manager, now its most famous failed fund […]

A question of trust

Asset allocation is pretty easy as at Q1 2021. In other words, avoid bonds like the plague, and buy cheap stocks. (Yes, they do exist – you just have to be looking for them, as opposed to riding the indices and benchmarks like one of the Gadarene swine.)

Stranger than fiction

After 30 years in the capital markets, you think you’ve seen everything – and then something like Wallstreetbets and the great short squeeze of 2021 come along.

Caught short

“On Wall Street, a corner is not just an intersection of two streets. It is also a way to extract huge profits from speculators who had the temerity to sell a stock short..

The Great Grift

Early signs are that in economic terms, President Biden has his work cut out. The federal government, writes Doug Noland,   is in the process of expanding debt by more than 30% of GDP in only two years. Hopefully not at double-digit annual rates, yet massive deficit spending is inevitable as far as the eye […]

Be careful what you own

We can perhaps agree that the Anglosphere has not had a great war, courtesy of more or less a year of universal involuntary house arrest and levels of economic destruction not seen since the 1930s – all thanks to explicit government action, not from what equates, for some, to a particularly bad flu. But not […]

Judging from the chaotic scenes in the US Capitol building on 6th January, a strange year is being followed by a not conspicuously less strange one. Our brief being an investment brief, we focus here not on politics but on the financial markets (assuming the two can be strictly separated, which as assumptions go may […]