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Behave !

“With reference to Philip Stephens’ column “Britain can now change its mind about Brexit” (April 12): would Mr Stephens mind not invoking the “Kamikaze” characterisation of those reckless and deranged Brexiters, please. My father flew a dive bomber in the Japanese Imperial Navy’s Special Attack Force, and was therefore a Kamikaze pilot in common parlance. […]

Be surprised

“One can fly to Japan from anywhere, but from Japan one can only fly to the Third World, and it hardly matters whether one lands in Kinshasa, London, New York or Zurich: they are all places where one must be constantly watchful and distrustful, where one cannot leave a suitcase unattended even for ten minutes, […]

Before the Fall

“I notice, talking to younger people, people who hit that Napoleonic moment of turning twenty since the crisis, that the idea of capitalism being thought of as morally superior elicits something between an eye roll and a hollow laugh. Their view of capitalism has been formed by austerity, increasing inequality, the impunity and imperviousness of […]

Alternative views

One of the many joys of unshackling yourself from the confines of the mainstream media is that you get to hear interesting, intriguing and thought-provoking perspectives, in a long-form format. Two cases in point: Dominic Frisby and Rory Sutherland, both of whom can be heard in recent interviews here. (There’s a rich archive, too.)

EUnola May

With apologies to Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and their 1980 hit Enola Gay.   EUnola May You should have stayed at home yesterday Oh-oh it can’t describe The feeling and the way you lied. These games you play They’re gonna end it all in tears someday. Oh-oh EUnola May It shouldn’t ever have to […]

Trend following

The good folk at Absolute Return Partners have identified eight megatrends, long-term investment themes that they believe will define the world of the future. Those themes are: 1) The end of the debt super-cycle 2) The retirement of the baby-boomers 3) The declining spending power of the middle classes 4) The rise of the East […]

Don’t be so negative

In February 2016, The Financial Times published an article titled ‘Central Banks: Negative Thinking’, co-authored by Robin Wigglesworth, Leo Lewis and Dan McCrum. The piece in question was atypically sceptical of the received wisdom of QE, i.e., that it works. If it was sceptical as to the efficacy of QE, it was doubly so in […]

Systemic risk

Our own jury is out when it comes to climate change. Whether or not our climate is changing – and we recall the 1970s experience of being told by climate alarmists that a new Ice Age was heading our way – it is a bit of a stretch to conclude that human activity must be […]