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FT: Fatuous Trots

Hell hath no fury like an elite ignored. Readers wishing to tear their faces off may be interested in reading the latest effort by the FT’s pompous-sounding ‘Editorial Board’. The FT seems to be taking a leaf out of The Economist’s book by imposing anonymity on a growing number of its articles. Not wanting to […]


“People who insist on telling their dreams are among the terrors of the breakfast table.” – Max Beerbohm.   *Readers may enjoy our recent State of the Markets podcast with Professor of Economics at the Université d’Angers, Guido Hülsmann, recorded at the end of September 2019*   Well, since you ask, it was a dream […]


Autumn naturally lends itself to a mixture of retrospection and introspection. The bright and sunny certainties of summer are replaced by the cloudier anticipations of the winter to come. As the crops are gathered in, the days darken, and chill. And as animal spirits start to wane with the weakening sun, problems that swelled up […]

Dover Beach

“If socialists understood economics, they would not be socialists.” – Friedrich August von Hayek.  

Lucky numbers

“On November 3, for example, Morgenthau suggested to Roosevelt a 19 to 22 cent rise in price and Roosevelt responded that he wanted 21 cents. Why ? “It is a lucky number, Roosevelt said laughing, “because it’s three times seven.” Morgenthau later wrote in his diary, “If anybody ever knew how we really set the […]

Hope, need and greed

In the history of fund management, the name of Fidelity Magellan’s Peter Lynch still carries a lot of weight. Lynch is considered by many to be the greatest mutual fund manager of all time. (Warren Buffett, for example, just to get technical about it, is a businessman managing a diversified holding company.) But is Lynch’s […]

Just who is the enemy ?

“At some stage the markets will have to deal with the inconvenient truth that the destruction of value for investors in Europe, particularly for the owners of financial institutions, is due to the creation of the Euro. Investors who are prepared to accept that analysis, seen by many as plain impoliteness, realise that not only […]

The skies are darkening over Europe

“The European Central Bank is preparing another dose of easing, as discussed at this weekend’s Jackson Hole summit. But, in terms of supporting underlying economies, as opposed to assuaging bloated financial markets, eurozone monetary policy is already exhausted, as it is across much of the world. “Bond yields have never been this low – and, […]